Window accessories climAktiv Plus

Fresh air - even when the window is closed

Home ventilation essentially has two functions: On the one hand, it ensures clean indoor air, and on the other, it regulates humidity.

However, user-dependent ventilation is often difficult to achieve for work-related reasons. For this reason, Salamander offers the climAktivPlus, a window accessory that ensures reliable, energy-saving ventilation of your rooms. The ventilator can be integrated almost invisibly into all Salamander PVC-U windows and provides a constant supply of fresh air even in closed rooms. An integrated volume flow limiter prevents draughts. In addition, the PVC-U profiles with room air temperature control generate a pleasant preheating of the incoming outside air and thus ensure a comfortable temperature. The climAktivPlus prevents the build-up of excessive humidity in the interior, reduces the risk of mold growth and thus complies with the legal requirements and specifications of the German Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV).

The flexible twist lock from climAktivPlus

Twist lock open

Twist lock closed

The twist lock can be opened or closed flexibly

The advantages of the optional rotary shutter at a glance:

Also enables manual opening and closing of the air supply and thus complies with the GEG (Building Energy Act)

Available in white and silver

With integrated seal of the base housing opposite the locking mechanism

The climAktivPlus can be installed easily and almost invisibly in almost all profile systems from Salamander Window & Door Systems. It ensures automatic, energy-saving basic ventilation and thus quickly and easily creates a comfortable feel-good atmosphere.

The window rebate ventilator for all rooms - efficient and powerful

The climAktivPlus is a passive ventilator that works on the principle of equalizing the pressure difference between inside and outside.

The integrated air volume regulator prevents excessive air flows into the interior in the event of high wind pressure thanks to a specially balanced float.