Salamander passiveHouse_Window - evoCore

evoCore - resource-saving, energy-efficient, innovative!

Windows are the building element with which thermal insulation can be implemented most efficiently. Systems from Salamander already deliver the best results with high-performance chamber technology. But here too, innovation and know-how can always go further: by replacing the empty profile or conventional steel reinforcement in the frame with an evoCore, a thermally insulating and weldable high-tech insertion bar made of high-strength PET recycled foam. This tech material is already being used successfully in aircraft construction and in modern wind turbines.

Due to its high resistance, evoCore is also suitable for innovative use in state-of-the-art windows. Especially because of the small air bubbles that are trapped in the recycled foam. These micro-chambers then make the difference in insulation. Like birds that fluff up their feathers in winter to create additional tiny, heat-insulating layers of air, this micro-bionic insulation in the new SALAMANDER | passivHaus_windows is the element that takes your home to an even better passive house level.

evoCore - all-round sensible, all-round good!

With the innovative evoCore, the insulation value of the window is significantly improved once again, thereby reducing the energy consumption of your home. Windows equipped with evoCore are also 25% lighter, CO2 emissions during transportation are reduced accordingly and your installer will also appreciate your decision in favor of SALAMANDER | passivHaus_Fenster. So it makes sense all round. The use of recycled foam as an alternative to steel from energy- and material-intensive production reduces the ecological footprint considerably right from the start. And when the new windows are actually replaced at some point, we guarantee one hundred percent design-for-recycling thanks to the easy separability of the plastic profile and the PET recyclate core. With our holistic approach, we also take into account the geographical location of your new home, the architectural style, the orientation of the building and your design preferences when selecting windows.

With SALAMANDER | passivHaus_Fenster, you are choosing the most innovative and sustainable windows currently available. Good all round.

evoCore - an investment that makes sense!

Our innovative window combinations can reduce your energy costs by up to 30%. Due to the permanent rise in energy costs, the evoCore additional equipment pays for itself, making the decision to invest in the right windows easier.

A decision that gives you the good feeling of doing the right thing, saving energy costs and leaving a measurably smaller ecological footprint. And to conserve resources sustainably. From the beginning to the end of the product life cycle of your new windows. This is a major concern for Salamander. Opt for a good, sensible concept with SALAMANDER | passivHaus_Fenster.

Passive house certification

Tested component suitable for passive houses in accordance with IFT guideline WA-15/2 with a minimum Uw value of 0.69 W/(m²K) for climate zone 3.

evoCore windows are available in the following systems


A sustainable PVC-U window that matches the façade and the interior. With the wide range of decors and realMaterial surfaces, all conceivable styles can be realized: From classic purist to strikingly modern.

bluEvolution 82

The bluEvolution profile series with a basic depth of 82 mm. This combines outstanding energy savings and innovative sealing technology at the highest level and is ideally suited as a passive house component.


The unique, exposed concrete-like surface texture of Greta® windows offers a sustainable and tactile facet to modern architecture in both renovation and new build projects.