realMaterial - Authentic Premium Materials

With noticeably authentic materials, we give window systems an entirely new face.

Götz Schmiedeknecht, Co-CEO
Your Design Options with Salamander realMaterial

Authentic Premium Materials

Creating design surfaces that are experienceable for window customers, both on the exterior and interior, making them a stylish part of the living style: With our specially developed surfaces, the window becomes a part of your living style. Enjoy all the benefits of a plastic window – with the appearance and texture of diverse, genuine materials. Customize your home down to the smallest detail.

Real Materials

With realMaterial, we offer the greenEvolution system kit in real materials. These are applied to the profile using the lamination process. Recycled material is used in production, and the window can be returned to the material cycle in the standard process.


Embossed leather fiber material made from genuine leather production remnants

Embossed leather fiber material made from genuine leather production remnants


Aluminum with brushed stainless steel look

Untreated copper for the vintage look

Spaces and Facades with Character

The tactile realMaterial surfaces give your property a special, individual touch, suitable for every architectural style. Whether renovation or new construction project – the colors and materiality of windows significantly contribute to the appearance of the entire property. Salamander offers a variety of colors, materials, and perceptible surfaces. The customer's desire is crucial for the design of the house.

Sustainability at Salamander

At Salamander, sustainability has always been a top priority: Words turn into actions in a tradition spanning over 100 years. From the very beginning, our resource-efficient manufacturing and the reuse of sustainable materials have been of paramount importance.

Our current Salamander strategy 'S500' also places special emphasis on sustainability and the associated goals of reducing energy consumption and emissions. To achieve this, we rely on new and modern technologies.