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What are the requirements for a modern window profile? A slim design to capture as much light as possible. It should be easy to maintain and low-maintenance. Safe. Durable. With good insulation values to save as much energy as possible. Preferably all at once. That's proEvolution! Discover a window system that is designed for recycling right from the start. And which has learned from nature: Intelligently designed according to bionic principles, proEvolution's air chamber insulation stores heat like the fluffed-up feathers of birds in the cold. A development that makes a decisive contribution to the energy balance of your new home.

proEvolution features
Highlight design: increased natural light entry

An abundance of natural light stimulates the human organism, relaxes it, influences mood, attention, cognitive performance, and the sleep-wake cycle.

Thanks to the low visible height of 113 mm and an optimized glass ratio achieved through the combination of frame and sash, the influx of light significantly increases. Your new home will be noticeably brighter. All thanks to more light.


In our bionic logic, with proEvolution, we employ a combination of air chambers and seals in window technology.

This means: optimal insulation values! For an even more energy-conscious new home.

Silent system: optimal soundproofing

Our window systems are designed for optimal sound insulation. External noise can be efficiently reduced to a healthy level by up to 46 dB.

EcoTec plus: optimized profile with a plus-recycled core

With 'EcoTec plus', we work with weight-optimized profiles.
This means: Less material is used while maintaining the same stability. In addition to saving material, these profiles feature an inner core made of 100% recycled material, creating an even more sustainable product.
And combined with the weight savings, this means that your ecological footprint becomes even smaller.

RC2 Ready: burglary protection up to RC2

A robust burglary protection is a crucial feature when choosing the right window profile. With proEvolution, your windows are naturally prepared for the RC2 standard. And the corresponding investment subsidies.

pureWhite: simply the whitest white

Salamander pureWhite is the whitest white on the market. It not only looks great but also optimally reflects sunlight.

This significantly extends the lifespan of your windows. The color and surface of white windows stay truly white for even longer and are much easier to clean.

Not just practical. It also reduces the CO2 footprint of your home!

flex: flexible design language for a variety of real estate properties

Would you like it to be very modern? Or do you want to retain the historic design language of your old building's windows even after renovation?

Then we have something for you: our flex, as a versatile solution for your individual property. Discover a flexible design language that always fits.







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